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Read about Cabin Sandøy
Sliding doors bring nature into your cabin
By blurring the boundaries between indoors and outdoors, you incorporate nature into your cabin.
The cabin out in the ocean
The weather in this part of Norway is tough. These aluminium window frames are tougher.
The diamond in the mountain
Between Dovrefjell and Trollheimen the architects from A38 Arkitekter created “The Diamond”.
Scandinavian design close to nature- Villa Klokkersundet
The windows are fixed glass facades from the floor and almost to the roof - a solution which fills the room with daylight.
Improve your health by increasing the natural light in your home
Optimising the light conditions in your home is an investment in your health, enjoyment and vitality.
How to reduce heat loss in houses with large glass panels
Installing better insulation and reducing heat loss from windows will reduce the energy demand considerably.
Windows in wood or aluminium? Which material is best?
Choosing new window and patio doors is a dicision that needs to be thought through carefully. Find tips here
5 things you should think about before building a new house
Building your own home is like a dream come true. We have some tips!

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